Episode 66. Knowing What You Own and Why You Own It: Eradicating the Fear From Process With Chuck Etzweiler

Fear is the antithesis of clarity.  An emotion that one should not have in the investment process. 

In part two of this five-part miniseries, Mark Pearson speaks with Chuck Etzweiler, senior vice president of Nepsis, Inc, to help investors and business owners understand the emotion of fear and how to overcome it with optimal clarity. 

Mark Pearson and Chuck Etzweiler discuss: 

  • The two components of fear
  • How to eradicate or overcome fear
  • The Hopes and Fears: the Conflicting Effects of Risk Ambiguity Study 
  • The three components of a successful business owner when investing
  • And more


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About Our Guest: 

Chuck Etzweiler is Nepsis’ senior vice president of research. With over three decades of investment industry expertise, Chuck oversees the firm’s ongoing research activities, much of which helps advisors and clients truly understand Nepsis’ philosophy and strategy.

Prior to joining Nepsis, Chuck worked as Chief Market Strategist for True North Global Research and as an Investment Analyst with both Wells Fargo and the Bank of Hawaii. Additionally, Chuck has earned the CIMA® designation and is a Chartered Market Technician. Chuck is a graduate of Syracuse University and also has earned his MBA in Finance from the Crummer School of Management in Winter Park, FL.