The Lost Art of Investing Part 2 with Chuck Etzweiler, MBA, CIMA®, CFP®, CMT (Ep. 95)

The Lost Art of Investing Part 2 with Chuck Etzweiler, MBA, CIMA®, CFP®, CMT (Ep. 95)

As Chuck Etzweiler states in this episode, human beings were created to thrive on relationships and rely on interaction with other humans, not AI. Artificial Intelligence allows for a less emotional experience and can taint several processes they create.

In this episode, Mark Pearson speaks with Chuck Etzweiler to discuss the art versus the science of investing and the potential for AI to replace financial advisors and portfolio managers. They then analyze the ETF AIQ, which uses artificial intelligence to select securities and question its performance metrics and claims of superiority.

Mark and Chuck discuss: 

  • The importance of human interaction and communication in investing
  • Reaching clients’ long-term goals through a process of questioning, understanding and planning
  • How to filter out artificial intelligence in the workplace when it is at the forefront of clients’ minds
  • And more


Connect With Chuck Etzweiler:

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About Our Guest: 

With more than three decades of investment industry experience, Chuck Etzweiler, MBA, CIMA®, CFP®, CMT directs the on-going research efforts of the firm, much of which help both advisors and clients understand the philosophy and strategy of Nepsis, Inc. in a deeper manner. 

A high percentage of the focus of the research is centered around money manager pitfalls, investor short-comings and repetitive behavioral biases that detract clients from earning optimal returns.

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