Underperforming the Underperformance With Mark Pearson (Ep.78)

Underperforming the Underperformance With Mark Pearson (Ep.78)

At Nepsis®, we have coined the term clarity creates stability. We believe that the ultimate form of clarity is the root of what we do here at Nepsis®. 

In this episode, Mark Pearson discusses his perception of the state of the marketplace, the ways politics have affected the dollar value and how understanding these ideas can lead to ultimate clarity. Having clarity on these subjects can help you become extremely confident in your portfolio and the investments you believe in, keeping you secure in your long term goals.

Mark discusses: 

  • The importance of flexibility in your portfolio
  • How clarity among your investments can enhance your decision-making process
  • The power of liquidity
  • What you need to know when entering into a bear market 
  • And more

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