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Episode 70. Four Keys To Successful Investing, Philosophy

Four keys to start building a foundation towards long term success for investing are – philosophy, strategy, flexibility, and transparency.

In this episode, Mark Pearson begins a new mini-series discussing the four keys to successful investing, beginning with philosophy. Mark explains the investing philosophy of Nepsis, and the commitment to achieving long-term investment goals. Plus, how the stock market is similar to a farmer’s market, and why the stock market is the greatest tool to bring buyers and sellers of businesses together.

Mark discusses: 

  • The Nepsis investing philosophy
  • Why the stock market is the greatest tool to bring buyers and sellers of businesses together
  • Why investors should think like business owners who own the market
  • Looking at the stock market as a market, and not an investment
  • And more

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Episode 60 — A Look Back At 2020

As the year comes to an end, Mark Pearson takes us back on a journey throughout 2020 and overviews investing losses and opportunities that have occurred during the pandemic. He shares his expertise and optimistic outlook with investors and advisors on how to make more successful market decisions. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The shapes of market recovery 
  • Why you should invest in business as opposed to stock markets or indexes 
  • The importance of a buy/sell discipline  
  • How to make non-emotional flexibility decisions  
  • And more!

Join Mark Pearson as he takes a look back at 2020! 

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