A Deep Dive into “Fin-ergy” With Chuck Etzweiler, MBA, CIMA®, CFP®, CMT (Ep.76)

At Nepsis®, our main overarching motto is process before progress. Through integrating this idea into all of our investments, we are able to use our strategy even when the markets are unstable.

In this episode, Mark Pearson returns with Chuck Etzweiler, MBA, CIMA®, CFP®, CMT to discuss the in-depth idea of the Nepsis® investing strategy, including how they have managed to be successful even when taking risks. Mark explains the importance of knowing what you own and how that can be increasingly useful when engaging with the investment market during any season. 

Chuck discusses: 

  • The importance of knowing what investments are in your portfolio
  • Why you should consider investing in individual businesses
  • The importance of knowing how to value an asset regardless of the investing season
  • Why the Nepsis’ strategy has proven to work over time 
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

With more than three decades of investment industry experience, Chuck Etzweiler directs the on-going research efforts of the firm, much of which help both advisors and clients understand the philosophy and strategy of Nepsis, Inc. in a deeper manner. A high percentage of the focus of the research is centered around money manager pitfalls, investor short-comings and repetitive behavioral biases that detract clients from earning optimal returns.