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Episode 47 — Nepsis’ 2020 Market Forecast — with Chuck Etzweiler

Mark Pearson and the Nepsis team want you to start the year out right by investing with clarity.

That’s why Mark Pearson is speaking with Nepsis’ senior vice president of research, Chuck Etzweiler, on today’s podcast. Today, Chuck shares his research-based forecast for the year, outlines how to stick to your buy-and-sell disciplines, and discusses how to tune out the noise of mainstream media this year.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Chuck doesn’t believe 2020 will be a down year
  • How the election might impact investors and the market
  • Why market pullbacks should be loved, not feared
  • How Nepsis leaves their emotions at the door when investing (and why it’s so important they do!)
  • And more!

Join Mark and Chuck now to discover what they foresee for 2020 and how you can shut out the noise to invest with clarity!

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