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Episode 43 — What Makes Mark Pearson Worry?

Many investors worry about their investments. But what do money managers, like Mark Pearson who has years of experience and a solid investment strategy, worry about?

In today’s episode, Mark uncovers his own worries around investing, covering everything from the media’s outlook on the markets to investors’ own attitudes that could be negatively affecting them.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How the media can affect investors in their decision-making
  • What successful investors have in common
  • The downside of modern portfolio theory
  • Why investors are their own worst enemies
  • And more

Join Mark now for an insightful episode about what’s keeping him up at night and learn just how powerful ultimate clarity can be in addressing these worries.

Resources: Nepsis 


Episode 42 — Overcoming the Dirty Dozen Investment Biases: Part 3

In the final part of his investment biases mini-series, Mark Pearson is back to round out his list of the “Dirty Dozen” investment biases that guide buyers’ decisions. 

In this episode, Mark dives into four more biases, defining what they are and how they affect the investment process. Mark also provides examples and insight into how you can overcome these biases and invest with clarity.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Four new biases: reference point bias, deception bias, despondency bias, and get-even bias
  • How good money managers can help you overcome your biases
  • How Mark overcomes his own investment biases
  • How investment biases can be seen in the case of investors and Zest Labs stocks
  • And more!

Tune in now for the final part of Mark’s series and gain awareness of your own biases! 

Resources:  Nepsis | Episode 40: How to Overcome the Dirty Dozen Investment Biases: Part 1 | Overcoming the Dirty Dozen Investment Biases: Part 2