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Episode 21 – The Importance of Leadership in Investing with Clarity

Investors hire financial advisors because they want to have a leader who will give them expert advice and guide them to reach their investment plan goals.

However, too many investors do not have leadership that is founded on clarity. In this episode, Mark Pearson takes a critical look at the typical client journey to help investors consider how they’re being served.

In today’s episode on the importance of leadership, Mark discusses:

  • The biggest mistakes advisors make with their risk tolerance questionnaires
  • Why “risk” and “volatility” do not belong in the same sentence
  • The three real areas of risk for investors
  • Mark’s real-life experience with investors reacting emotionally to their investments
  • And more!

Tune in now to learn how clarity-based leadership can help you reach your investing goals!

Resources: NEPSIS, Inc.


Episode 20- The Five Dreadful Cs of Mutual Funds

Mark Pearson and his team aren’t fans of mutual funds, and you’re about to find out why.

In this episode, Mark doesn’t spare mutual funds’ feelings as he dives into the traits that make them undesirable, otherwise known as the dreadful five Cs.

Here’s what you will learn about in this episode:

  • Why being over-diversified is a problem
  • What the five Cs are and how they impact portfolios
  • How mutual funds make money and how those costs are passed on to the consumer
  • Examples of multiple conflicts that could run within a mutual fund portfolio
  • How the characteristics of mutual funds clash with Nepsis’ approach to investing.

Tune in to learn why you should avoid mutual funds if you want to invest with clarity.

Resources: NEPSIS, Inc. | Investing for Success: Understanding the Four Key Principles