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Episode 19 – A Penny for Your Thoughts

Have you ever taken a jar of pennies to the bank and felt shocked by the amount of money you had in there?

Today, Mark Pearson discusses his penny jar theory and how Nepsis uses this theory in their approach to Strategic Cost Averaging™, the process of continually investing unequal dollar amounts specifically targeted into companies that you want to own more of when appropriate.

Mark and co-host Matt Halloran also take a back-end look at Nepsis, diving into how the company gathers information from clients to help them invest strategically and reach their investment goals.

Listen now to learn how you could invest with more clarity by using Nepsis’ penny theory.


NEPSIS, Inc. | Blog: A Penny for Your Thoughts


Episode 18 – How Does the Race to the Bottom Impact Your Investment Outlook?

Today, Mark Pearson shares his views on the “race to the bottom” in the financial industry. Inspired by the Barron’s article titled “Fidelity Drops Fund Fees to Zero in Latest Price-War Gambit,” Mark discusses the issues that may arise with the low-cost industry trend, along with how the common outlooks that clients tend to adopt could negatively affect their investment outcomes.

Tune in to also find out what question you should be asking your adviser and how you can prioritize your goals to find true clarity.

Barron’s – Fidelity Drops Fund Fees to Zero in Latest Price-War Gambit