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Episode 17 – A Look Under the Hood at Nepsis—With Guest Chuck Etzweiler

In this episode, Mark Pearson is joined by Nepsis’ Vice President of Research, Chuck Etzweiler, for a behind-the-scenes look at how they use research to inform their investment decisions.

Chuck and Mark discuss how their teams research all areas of the economy to make selective and informed investment decisions with clarity. They also share the two ways they measure the valuation of companies, and their opinion on modern portfolio theory. Also, from an operations standpoint, Mark and Chuck discuss which characteristics they value most in candidates for their investment team.

Listen now to learn how Mark and Chuck use research to help them invest with clarity.

Nepsis, Inc.

Episode 16 – The Keys to Investing with Clarity

When investing, do you know what you own, why you own it and how much you’re paying for it?

Today, Mark Pearson and Matt Halloran discuss the common barriers preventing people from investing with true clarity. From the lack transparency surrounding investing fees and ownership to the harmful ways diversification and asset allocation are misinterpreted, this episode will deepen your knowledge on how you invest with confidence.

Tune in now to also learn about the fundamental questions you should be asking your financial advisers to make sure you’re investing with complete clarity.

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