Monthly Archives: April 2018

Episode 12 – Market Volatility is an Opportunity

How much cash do you keep on the sidelines?

Today, Matt Halloran and Mark Pearson talk to you about the potential opportunities that market volatility presents, along with how to make smart corrections to your portfolio. Realizing your moves and properly allocating your money can allow you to invest when you need to take advantage of market volatility. Take action and understand the true value that you own.

Tune in and find out how to sharpen your investing strategy to do better in the market!

Episode 11 – Don’t Become Another DALBAR Statistic

Don’t become another DALBAR statistic.

As an investor, does your behavior affect how well your investments perform?

It certainly does.

Today, Matt Halloran and Mark Pearson discuss DALBAR Inc., an independent research organization that studies how investor behavior is related to investment performance. In this episode, you’ll learn three reasons for investor shortfalls, the psychology behind investing and, ultimately, how to avoid becoming another DALBAR statistic.

Listen in to discover how you can invest with clarity.

Episode 10 – The Difference Between Traditional vs. Non Traditional Investing

Why It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Traditional Investing

Mark Pearson’s theory is that most financial advisors don’t actually have time to manage their clients’ money effectively. In fact, most financial advisors get into the business to build client relationships, not to focus on money management. As a result, advisors rely on the modern portfolio theory to guide investors. But using this outdated, cookie-cutter theory is a heavily flawed approach.

You don’t want to miss this special episode. Mark Pearson holds nothing back as he explains why modern portfolio theory just doesn’t cut it for investors.

Tune in and learn why volatility is an opportunity— not a risk— and how a non-traditional investing approach can help you accomplish your long-term goals.