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Episode 4 – The Causes of Terrible DIY Performance

When it comes to investing with clarity, we have done our research and, in turn, have created a unique approach to investing with clarity. When it comes to making the right decisions, there are numerous factors to consider, including the psychological and behavioral aspect of investing. These two factors are often overlooked, and that is why it is important to have someone on your side to help you understand how to process the information out there and to help determine whether or not it is relevant for your investment situation.

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Episode 3 – The 4 Keys to Investing for Success

Successful investing is about process. There is a benefit of understanding the discipline and process leading to successful investing. There are both scientific and behavioral aspects of investing. Understanding them will lead you to understand how to reach success in this area. The investment process can be categorized into four key corners of success.

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Episode 2 – Why Invest With Clarity

In this podcast Mark Pearson of Nepsis shares his passion for Investing and walks us through the Invest With Clarity philosophy.  Mark shares how he and his team, help Investors gain greater clarity in their own investments.  More investors need to know what they own and why they own it. So many investors today are focused so much on costs versus value. Instead of focusing on the businesses they own, they look at fees and buying indexes. The unfortunate truth is that many investors rely on  financial advisors, who do not have a great understanding of the investment process of a fund.

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Episode 1 – Introduction – Mark Pearson

Mark has come along way since his early beginnings in the financial services industry in 1986, where he realized that he still had a lot to learn about managing money. After graduating from college, he found himself involved in the technology sector. This experience gave Mark the skills he needed to start his own financial services company in 1994.  Today Mark shares his passion for communication and technology with his employee’s plus over 30 financial advisors nationally to enhance their ability to invest and plan with success.

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